In my opinion, one of the most pleasurable characteristics of the breed is their gentle nature and ease of handling.  Their disposition makes working with them a pleasure and not a chore.  They seem to be comfortable and well adjusted whether maintaining the grass in my front yard, or free in the pasture.



Strong, proud, caring maternal instincts along with ease of calving, the excellent production of an extremely rich milk (high in protein and butterfat), rapid rebreeding after calving, excellent feed efficiency, and a long productive life span are only a few of the attributes that make the breed an excellent choice for beef production.


Time-tested genetic selection and pure breeding have resulted in a predictable high and consistent quality of offspring.

​The pure genetic nature of the breed and its relatively distant relationship to other beef breeds also makes it an excellent choice for cross breeding programs.  The bulls are gentle in nature yet aggressive breeders yielding significant hybrid vigor and uniform offspring.  The Red Polls have played a major role in the development of the Senepol breed as well as the Jamaica Red.  They have also been successfully crossed with Pitangueiras and Velazquez cattle in South America.


In general it could be said that the breed is an excellent choice regardless of your facilities or location.  Their adaptable nature allows them to do well in a wide range of geographic locations and conditions ranging from Canada and the United States to Australia, New Zealand, South America, and parts of Africa.  The hot summers and often harsh winters here in Missouri seem to be taken in stride with far fewer ill effects on them than on me.